As a retired professor with a substantial pension, I cannot help but think of those two million Canadian seniors who live near or below the poverty line, roughly $22,000 per year. After paying for accommodation, food, phone, TV and possibly a car, they have little money left. Their quality of life is likely low because they have plenty of spare time but cannot afford leisure activities.


Some even painfully still work to boost their paltry income, probably thinking their gross income will match their net income. They are very wrong.


Below is some shocking information related to the income of hundreds of thousands of low-income seniors. This gross injustice can be remedied at no cost, if politicians will make the appropriate policy changes. And, by doing so, they could secure countless more votes.


Many politicians are being subtly misled. To formulate policy, they need assistance on complex topics. Too often, they turn to think tanks. According to the Globe and Mail, between 2000 and 2015, think tanks:

appeared at least 216 times before parliamentary committees and were cited in the Canadian media almost 60,000 times. It gave them and their research priceless exposure and influence in shaping government policy.

Unfortunately, think tanks are far too biased to represent all Canadians fairly.

…most think tanks rely on funding from wealthy benefactors, corporations, unions or lobby groups seeking to push their own causes.[1]

Politicians need to listen more to Canadians with no bias and less to think tanks with unbridled bias. The following reports are funded by no one. The author is simply a senior with analytical skills who sees rampant injustice being inflicted on millions of low-income seniors.

Regrettably, in today’s world of fake news, the following must be said. It is alleged by CNN that Donald Trump, for example, had “topped 3,000 untrue or misleading statements in 466 days in office”.[2]

There are no lies or misleading statements in the following two reports. All information can be easily verified. The sources, websites, documents, charts and graphs provided make verification simple and fast.

The Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

Many seniors are not aware that they are working for as little as $3 per hour. And many are only receiving one third of their deserved CPP pension, after being forced to contribute roughly $80,000 to the CPP. To find out how the GIS is deceiving and gouging unknowing seniors, please click here.


The Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Through shrewd investing, the CPP now has a $100 billion surplus above what they need to pay all pensioners for 75 years. Seniors should now each be receiving $3,500 more, on average, per year. And with the ongoing CPP investment success that experts predict, the pension implications for tomorrow’s retirees are enormous.


To learn about why the CPP should give today’s pensioners much more and tomorrow’s pensioners as much as a $100,000 pension, please click here.




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